After  20 plus years of avoiding the IRS because of not having the understanding on how to deal with them I was referred to Manuel at Taxpm.com.

I had a federal tax lien served for $250,000.00 and my wages garnished. Manuel immediately began negotiations with the IRS and had the garnishment removed, then began settlement proceedings on the lien. After all of his hard work and expert advise the lien of $250,000 was reduced to $18,000. I would recommend Taxpm.com to anyone that wants to get straight with their taxes and the IRS.

– Kent C. (Contractor, Austin TX)

You guys are lifesavers, I am so happy I found you… Thank you so much for helping me last minute with my LLC return!!

– Angela C. (Huntington Beach, CA)

Manuel has been a great person. He helped us settled with IRS.

We owed over $250,000 to the IRS and he was able to negotiate with them. He made them an offer of $500 and they accepted.

We are very appreciative of his hard work and dedication. We highly recommend him.

– Fernando and Maria O.  (Elgin, TX)